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Facial acupuncture
Facial acupuncture / anti-age acupuncture improves the fluid, blood and energy circulation of the face, increases the production of collagen as well as makes the face smoother and more refreshed. During facial acupuncture, the acupuncture points of the face, body and ears are stimulated with thin needles and acupoint compressions. The treatment also provides relief to acne, biting disorders as well as tense neck and shoulder muscles. The treatment aims for the well-being of the entire body.
duration 60 min price 85€

The most used method of traditional Chinese medicine in Western countries. Acupuncture works as both a treatment as well as prevention of various symptoms and problems. Acupuncture affects the energetic system of internal organs through the acupuncture points that are located at the meridians of the body and is able to balance various imbalances.
Duration 60 min price 80€

Thai yoga massage
The treatment includes massage, passive stretches and energising compressions. During the treatment, the aim is to focus on possible problem areas by removing congestion and freeing up space where it is needed. Carried out from bottom up, from the soles of your feet to your neck and face, on a padded area on the floor.  During the massage, it is recommended that you wear comfortable and casual clothes, such as a t-shirt and sports trousers that reach past your knees. Customers may also borrow suitable clothing from the treatment facility for the duration of the treatment.
Duration 60 min price 90€

Acupuncture & Thai yoga massage
duration 90 min price 115€