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Our facials with spa rituals, massages and essences will rejuvenate your body and mind. Efficient skincare products combined with our Spa therapist gentle and caring hands makes you forget all worries. Skin feels and looks healthy.

Långvik Express
Refreshing facial treatment that effectively treats the skin. Treatment includes initial cleansing and peeling. Choose facial mask or facial massage. Massage is performed during the mask. Treatment is also suitable for pregnancy.
duration 30 min price 60€

Långvik Express Plus
Relaxing facial treatment according to skin type. Treatment includes initial cleansing, exfoliation, facial mask and mask. Massage is performed during the mask. Treatment is also suitable for pregnancy.
duration 45 min price 89€

Långvik Signature
Complete, unique skin-based facial care (normal, delicate, dry, fatty, mixed) The treatment includes initial cleansing, peeling, serum, face and decolte massage, mask and lotions. During the face mask massage the scalp or the hands. The products are selected according to the skin’s needs. Treatment is also suitable for pregnancy.
duration 60 min price 98€

Esse Långvik Luxury
Personalized Holistic facial experience for all skin types. Esse Facials includes a relaxing foot bath and hot stone massage of the hands or feet.
duration 80 min price 110€

You may choose from the following indulging alternatives:

Esse Sensitive
Cleansing, mild peeling, mist and soothing serum. Gentle massage, calming mask and eye mask. Finished by a calming daycream

Esse Detox
Cleansing, deep cleansing enzymatic peeling, balancing serum and face massage. Brightening facemask and eye mask. Finished by a balancing daycream.

Esse Anti Age
Cleansing, stimulating peeling, renewing serum, relaxing face –and decolte-massage. Rejuvenating mask and refreshing eye mask .Finished by renewal daycream.

Esse Anti Oxidant
Cleansing, brightening peeling, balancing serum, face massage, moisturizing mask, refreshing eye mask. Finished by harmonizing daycream.


Firming Sublime Lift
Luxurious facial lifting and firming facial care. Acids in combination with vitamin C stimulate collagen production and brighten the skin. The Biphasic special mask and the special Active Lift massage massage firmens and nourishes skin tissue, smooths the surface of the skin, stimulates the formation of new cells and softens deep grooves and smaller lines.
duration 75 min price 115€

Brightening Fruit Acid
Fruit salves brighten and rejuvenate the skin effectively. The skin becomes smooth, firm and smooth and beautiful in color. The treatment smoothes the expression lines. Not recommended during pregnancy.
duration 45 min price 85€

Bright Eyes
Revitalizing eye care treatment that reduces swelling, fading dark circles and grooves.
duration 20 min price 35€

Lashes and Eyebrowns

  • Eyebrows and eyebrows with incisors design. time 30min price 40 €
  • Eyelash OR corner cure only in conjunction with facial care. price 20 €

Please inform us at least 48 hours in advance if you have to cancel or re-treatment time. If you withdraw treatment 24 hours before the scheduled appointment will be charged 50% of the price. If the time allowed is not used or needed in advance of the cancellation will be charged at full value.