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Order a cake to a birthday party, weddings or just for sharing it with your friends. Cakes by Långvik kitchen can be delivered even in two days!


Minimum order 1 cake. Delivering time 2 days.

Cakes made by Långvik kitchen are perfect for birthdays or small surpriseparties. Candle can be added to the cake by request. Choose your favorite from the delicious options:

  • Strawberry cream cake (low-lactose)
  • Chocolate raspberry cake (low-lactose)

48€ /cake, 6-8 portions


Minimum order for 20 people. Delivering time 14 days.

pH7 favors high-quality domestic and fresh ingredients. Unnecessary additives are eliminated. Milk products are low lactose or lactose free. Also vegan cakes are available.

  • Chocolate-apricot (l)
  • Raspberry-white chocolate (vl)
  • Lime-passion and cheese cake (vl)
  • Mango cheese cake (l,g)
  • Rhubarb – vanilla (l,g)
  • Dark chocolate – passion (vl)
  • Milk chocolate-hazelnut (vl,g)
  • Strawberry-orange liqueur (l)

9,80€ /person

Customized cakes according to customers wishes are always designed and priced separately. pH7 cakes are order products so we ask you to confirm the order 14 days before the event.

Dietary needs and allergies are catered for within requests before the event. On site changes are charged 10€ per dish. The confirmed amount will be used as an invoice. Prices include VAT. We reserve the right for changes.

ORDERS: / (09) 2959 9139
OR: / (09) 2959 9301