Delivery time for the cakes is 2 days.
48€ /cake, 6-8 servings.

Delight your guests with delicious cakes straight from our kitchen. They are perfect for small surprise parties or birthday celebrations for example. By request we will add birthday candles to the cake.

Pick out your favorite:

  • Seasonal berry cream cake (LL)
  • Chocolate raspberry cake (LL)



You can also order ph7 cakes from us. Minimum order for 20 people. Kindly confirm your order 14 days before the event. Find your favorites from the wide selection of ph7 for your special day. Vegan and gluten free options available.

See the selection here.

Dietary needs and allergies are catered for within requests before the event. Confirmed amount of participants is used as an invoice. We reserve the right for changes. Prices include VAT.

ORDERS: myyntipalvelu(a) 
WHEN VISITING OUR HOTEL: vastaanotto(a) / (09) 2959 9301