Sunday Brunch

Å BRUNCH Start the most delightful day with Å BRUNCH by Långvik! Enjoy our classic and delicious food & beverages in a cozy atmosphere. Seasons best flavours, healthy smoothie shots and delicious desserts. Make a perfect cup of coffee at the coffee spot or nice cup of tea from “Pukka” tea bar.  Weekend is as Read more about Sunday Brunch[…]

Tasting Menu

TASTING MENUS WE COMBINE classical know-how and modern cooking techniques in a natural way.  |  WE GET INSPIRED by the surrounding nature and Scandinavian flavors.  |  WE PRODUCE pure and uncompromising taste experiences from natural and locally produced ingredients.  |  ENJOY a wide piece of our kitchen’s art of cooking among the entire table party. Read more about Tasting Menu[…]