Warmly welcome to Långvik! From the page www.langvik.fi/en/opening-hours you’ll find our up-to-date opening hours as well as information about changes to our services during current covid restrictions.


We do everything we can to ensure that everyone can feel safe as a guest of Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel. There is plenty of room and we have prepared an operational plan that covers the whole event. We have moved on to the new normal to which we can safely welcome all of you. Get to know our procedure for a safe meeting.

We will check valid Covid-19 certificate/passport from all of our guests.

Below you can find a list of our operational model and instructions on how everyone can do their part to ensure that events are safe during their visit. We hope that you read through the operational model carefully.

  • Book your meeting room and catering in advance.
  • In our facilities you can also organize a hybrid meeting where a part of the participants or speakers take part remotely.
  • We have plenty of room to host a meeting. We will make sure you get a meeting room suited for your needs so that safe distances can be kept.
  • The room locations and movements of each meeting group will be planned in advance in order to minimize contact between different groups. Meeting hosts will be there to guide you to your meeting rooms, coffee breaks and lunch according to a schedule well prepared in advance.
  • Meeting guests are welcome to Långvik when they are healthy. We recommend meeting organizers to reming their guests to stay at home if they do not feel healthy.
  • Everyone needs to take care of a good hand hygiene and safe distances.
  • We have enhanced disinfection of our rooms and contact surfaces.
  • The meeting rooms have hand sanitizer and a cleansing disinfectant spray for surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the hotel lobby, meeting lobby and restaurant facilities.
  • Our staff wears face masks when serving you and gloves when needed.
  • We recommend our guests to use face masks in the common areas. We offer 2 face masks to each meeting guest. A face mask is a personal product so everyone needs to take care of the proper disposal of their masks.


  • Our stadd will carefully plan schedules and routes for the welcoming catering, lunch and afternoon coffee. Please make sure to stay on schedule and pay attention to other guests in the facilities while moving in the common areas.
  • We measure the capacity of the restaurant in accordance with the authoritative instructions.
  • The number and location of buffet queues is planned with the number of guests in mind. There is hand sanitizer and gloves available at the buffet. If ordered in advance we will willingly cater to the table.
  • Meeting breakfast is served as a buffet or straight to the meeting room if you wish.
  • The afternoon treats are catered as a buffet or – if ordered – waitered to the meeting room.
  • The restaurant staff uses face masks when serving you.
  • Dinner is served as a buffet or to the table according to your order.
  • The Coffee Lounge by Nespresso café room is available to order. There is hand sanitizer in the Lounge.


Updated 02 December 2021.