Lounge Bar and Långvik Bistro are the best places to enjoy – no doubt. Stop by for a drink or two!

The real pride of our Lounge Bar is our Bar Managers personally designed cocktails from the scratch – handmade with LÅVE! The perfect experience for our customer is the key factor for us, we want to serve you the drink of your dreams which will make you smile from ear to ear! Whether it’s a classic cocktail or something made based on your wishes – one thing is for sure – the ingredients are carefully selected and each one of the drinks are made with a huge heart!

We offer the license to enjoy. Ambient lounge, pleasant music, and a custom cocktail on your hand. Comfy sofas, dear friend, and lovely hot toddies. Mellow lights, glimmering laughter, and glasses filled with the best champagne. Peaceful morning at Långvik, hot coffee and a daily paper. Lounge Bar is perfect for every moment.