Coffee/ tea  4,20
Continuous Coffee served to meeting room (during the meeting day)  7,50
Access to ‘Coffee Lounge by Nespresso’ during 8-16 (special coffee as a self service)  5,50
Soft drinks  from 4,90
Breakfast buffet  18,00
‘Delicious Afternoon’ -sweet market during 13-16 (coffee, fresh fruits and pastry buffet)  14,00
Sandwich of the day  8,60
Cake of the day  6,80
Power Shot Bar  (Fruities & nectars – local superfoods) 8,00
Fresh fruits  5,50
Fresh sliced fruits 12,00
Smoothie of the day 6,00
Långvik cookies  3,00
Chocolate candy (e.g. Fazer)  1,00


Carelian pie with egg butter 6,00
Långvik snacks (chips, popcorn, etc.) 5,00
Selection of Tapas (Cold cuts, cheese, pickled vegetables, bread etc.) 14,90
Packed Lunch (sandwich of the day, fruit, something sweet and soft drink) 13,00
Finnish flatbread wrap  (chicken-caesar/smoked salmon/vegetable) 8,60


Hot dog buffet 12,00
BBQ beef with parmesan fries 25,00
DIY Långvik burger buffet 25,00


Chocolate cake for 6 persons 48,00/pcs

Prices €/person

Caterings are available for the whole party. Dietary needs and allergies are catered for within requests before the event. On site changes are charged 10€ per dish. Order must be confirmed 14 days before the event. The confirmed amount of participants will be used as an invoice, minimum a party of 6. Prices include VAT. We reserve the right for changes