Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel shall give up plastic bottled water. Långvik shall launch a more environmentally friendly and filtered conference water concept to replace plastic bottles at meetings, under the name Å Water. Within a year, plastic cups shall also be discontinued. In addition, the plastic-bottled mineral water in the hotel rooms’ minibars shall be replaced. With the greener and more environmentally friendly operations, Långvik wishes to reduce plastic waste and encourage more awareness in the consumption of water.

Å Water is available in the conference room and at lunch – either sparkly or still. Available also in glasses or when filling a personal water bottle at the self-service points at Långvik’s restaurant facilities on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

At Långvik, you will enjoy filtered, fresher and better-tasting drinking water since even the smallest impurities, such as any chlorine and metal residues, have been removed from it. Å Water is an environmentally friendly way to enjoy water without plastic bottles. In this way, emissions and waste are not created. At Långvik, we annually avoid 10,000 plastic bottles from becoming landfill merely from in connection with meetings.


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