Nothing is quite like getting to meet someone face to face. Sometimes, however, participants need to be divided into smaller groups that communicate with each other through a remote connection, or host an event where some of the participants are physically present while others take part remotely. At Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel your meeting participants can be safely divided into more than 20 different meeting rooms in accordance with our safe operational model. From the separate meeting rooms they can participate in the mutual event through a program platform. Å WAY Hybrid package is a solution for an event where you meet, party or make desicions together – physically present or remotely.

A hybrid meeting is best carried out with quality technology and facilities.
In Långvik’s meeting facilities, you get a wired internet connection, high quality camera and sound systems and meeting rooms that can fill even the most demanding needs. Our cameras can automatically follow the speaker and the microphones catch sound from the whole room, which meand that everyone can take part in discussions easily without separate microphones or mic switches.

In addition, we can combine two large meeting rooms, and the sound and camera connection will work between the rooms without the need for a computer! If there are participants using a remote connection in Långvik, in the other meeting room or in another city, they can be joined in with the help of a web conference platform.

Å WAY HYBRID PACKAGE includes a high quality hardware designed for meeting, installed and ready to use. The meeting will be held on the online conference platform available to you. You can also book technical support for the duration of the meeting, extra cameras and microphones and more meeting rooms.


  • Hybrid meeting technology for small and medium rooms 200€/day
  • Hybrid meeting technology for large rooms 400€/room/day
  • Hybrid meeting technology with two large rooms technically connected to each other 800€/day

Å WAY EVENTS include, in addition to the hybrid package, the Deal Room Events application, which is a real super tool organizing large scale events. Deal Room enables multiple parallel events, streaming of multiple speakers, recorded webinars and live streamings as well as panel discussions, to name a few. With the help of this application, you can start keeping in touch and networkinf already well before the event.

Introductory offer: Deal Room Events from 500€/event (normally from 1000€).