Meetings, recreation days and other company events have a highly positive impact on individuals, teams and companies. You can now make your company event more environmentally friendly by adding our climate package to your event. Even a small step is a step towards a better and more sustainable future.

Our priority is to reduce carbon emissions, and the rest we’ll compensate for.

Each event can now be sustainable, as you can add the climate package to all our company events. The package consists of a couple of basic elements and supplementary services that are priced separately. We can customize the package to best serve the needs of your company.


  • Offsetting the carbon emissions of the chosen meeting room
  • Offsetting the carbon emissions of the breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee

In addition, all our meeting packages include the plastic-free Å Water and the possibility to charge electric cars.


Vegetarian dinner
You can enjoy either a three course or a five course Tasting menu, which is a culinary experience and our kitchen’s tour de force. We can naturally offset also the dinner’s carbon emissions.

Bus transportation, from eg. central Helsinki, from 5€/person/direction
Arriving together by bus is a fun and eco-friendly way to travel and to raise your team spirit.

Carbon neutral accommodation
Would you like to stay longer? We can also offset the carbon emissions of your accommodation.

Activities of low carbon footprint
To make your meeting day perfect, we can also arrange for you a wide variety of activities that have a very low carbon footprint. Would you like to try for example yoga in the forest, Långvik Games or a fatbike trip in the beautiful landscape?

An introduction to corporate responsibility that will surely activate a lively discussion on the subject
The introduction covers upcoming changes to the legislation and inspires your team to see the various possibilities of making your company more sustainable and climate-friendly. The introduction will be given by Långvik’s Hotel & Sustainability Manager Edla Niemi.


The price of the climate package is added on top of your meeting or recreation day package. For example: Meeting package 74€/person + climate package 1€/person, altogether 75€/person. Prices include VAT.

Corporate sales

The emissions are calculated using the GHG protocol, which covers for example the heating and electricity. The meal compensation is based on WWF’s calculations for Nordic average meal emissions rounded up. A safety margin is added to over-compensate. The compensation is done in collaboration with a Finnish company Planet Loves Trees (Aritzon Oy).

“The offsetting is done by planting trees. We have developed our projects in co-operation with local organizations, schools and farmers, considering their needs as well. In addition to growing CO2 absorbing trees, our projects also improve the living conditions of the local people and help them adapt to the climate change in areas that suffer of the impacts most.”

Read more about our sustainability here.