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In Långvik’s seascape milieu the relaxing presence of nature breathes wellness and the inspiring atmosphere will bring a new kind of freshness into your everyday working life.

Å working day full of wellness 
Å REMOTE working days have been designed with your staff’s coping and wellness in the everyday remote work life in mind. Besides work, you can get fresh air in the surrounding nature, break a sweat in the Fitness Center, relax in the saunas or take a dip in the pools of the spa. Delicious food made out of clean, high quality ingredients will bring an extra boost to your day. This means a total recharge.

The day includes a working station, wireless broadband connection, tasty and healthy breakfast, delicious lunch, access to the wellness spa and Fitness Center as well as free parking.


  • The minimal package includes15 remote working days.
  • Great campaign price1050€ (normally 2422,50€).
  • Offer is valid until 31 December 2021.
  • Access to remote working days 6 months from the day of purchase, within our opening hours.
  • Working stations are available on weekdays from 7 AM to 7 PM.
  • Employees can redeem access to a remote working day for a day of their choosing with a code they receive from the hotel’s webpage.
  • Remote working days are sold to businesses and charged in advance as a package deal.

Reward your staff or give them a form of recreation into the burdening everyday life of remote work. Through the link below, you can order this package for your organization or use your code to book a remote working day for your company. 




Your everyday bread or tasty bites from Långvik’s luxurious and lovingly prepared breakfast buffet, such as mouth-watering croissants, crispy bacon, fruit slices and porridge rich with fibers. We aim to offer our guests a homely breakfast where you get to choose between many alternatives and of course – feel luxurious.

Långvik’s lunch is prepared in our kitchen from start to finish using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Remote working days are accompanied with non-stop coffee service. You can pick up your cup of joe from the restaurant.

Fitness Center
Långvik’s Fitness Center gives you a unique workout experience, whether you are a new beginner or a competitive athlete. The center’s design has been influenced by functional gyms where working out is effective, but also fun.

Our spa has a 22-meter fitness pool. Floatation belts are available for water exercises or running. The cold pool is a refreshing experience that’s good for the body. In the wading pools you will walk in cold and warm water in turns, which is good for the circulation of your feet. The jacuzzis are a great way to relax for a little bit. The spa’s windows open up to the calming seascape. In addition to the traditional Finnish saunas, the spa has steam saunas and infrared saunas with TVs.

We also recommend completing your working days with recreational activities:
Fatbikes 35€/2h
Bicycles 10€/day
Nordic walking sticks 5€/2h
Frisbee golf disc rent 5€


We operate in accordance with our safe operational model. There’s plenty of room and clear operational models for our staff and guests. Get to know our procedure for a safe stay.