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The Å MEET meeting package provided by Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel is full of energy and shared excitement. In the tranquil environment by the sea, wellness will extend from individuals to the whole company. Professional service, our responsible operational models and an inspiring ambience will give you new energy that is carried on to your everyday working life. The experience is perfected with delicious food made out of the best possible ingredients.

The best working day of the year
The best meeting day of the year kicks off with a tasty, versatile breakfast. You get to choose between more than 20 well equipped work and meeting spaces that serve different needs. High quality meeting lunch and afternoon coffee catering will give your day more energy.

For extra cost you can enjoy fine dining or wine experiences together, work out at the Fitness Center or a guided lesson, relax in the saunas and take a dip in the pools at the spa. We offer many kinds of activities to boost your creativity.

Would you like to make your meeting sustainable? Read more about our climate-friendly meeting package Å Climate here.



The package includes the meeting room, breakfast, meeting lunch, afternoon catering and Å Water. You also have free parking and wireless broadband connection.


Book the best working day of the year!


We operate according to our safe operational model. There’s plenty of room, and clear operational models for our staff and guests. Get to know our procedure for safe meetings. 

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Read more about Å WAY hybrid meetings if you would like to include remote praticipants into your meeting through our high quality technology designed for remote connections. Read more!