Långvik’s Wellness Spa offers groups and teams a wide range of wonderful pampering treatments that reduce stress and can be the start of an unforgettable party or team day.

Our selection includes 30-minute traditional spa treatments especially for groups as well as innovative and effective 20-minute Biotec machine treatments. At a mutual pampering event for a team you will get to do the treatments on yourself instructed by a professional. Our services also include a salt room that can host 6 people at a time and a Neurosonic treatment room.




These are individual treatments that can host up to 6 people at a time depending on the reservation situation.

  • Superfood Pro-Radiance facial makes your skin glow
  • Skin Energizer for Men – energizing facial for men
  • Revitalizing treatment for feet (incl. foot bath, peel and a light massage that will remove swelling)
  • Aromatic massage and peeling for back
  • Relaxing massage

Duration: 30 min. 



A beautifying moment of pampering for the whole group. You will get to do DIY-facials on yourselves instructed by a professional and using the luxurious professional ELEMIS products. With the help of our product expert, the treatment will begin with a cleansing, then move on to a entsymatic peeling, a deep moisturizing or cleansing mask and have its finishing touches done with lotions. At the same time you will get professional tips on daily skin care and achieving your dream skin. The price of the pampering moment includes a non-alcoholic beverage. Feel free to ask for our sparkling wine or champagne recommendations to make your pampering experience perfect!

The moment of pampering will be held in our spa at the lounge of the private sauna Helmihopea. It can also take place in the Långvik suite or at the Sauna by the sea combined with a reservation of the premises.

Duration: 60 min. 



Experience the innovation of skin care. Långvik Wellness Spa is the first to bring the innovative Biotec machine treatments of the ELEMIS series to consumers in Finland. You will see results already after your first treatment – the skin is visibly firmer and more glowing. You will choose a line of treatment best suited for you together with a professional before the treatment.

This is an individual treatment. Our homely treatment room can, however, host up to 8 people simultaneously. You can order your team sparkling wine, kombucha or smoothies to enjoy while everyone waits for their turn.

Duration: 20 min. 



The salt room is a good fit for everyone that wishes to relax, breathe better and feel better. The salt treatment room is covered with mountain salt from floor to ceiling. During the treatment the air space in the room is sprayed with fine salt dust that has been cleansed with a salt generator. The dust has an impact, for instance, on your respiratory tract and skin. You can enter the salt room in your own clothes, but we recommend wearing a bathrobe. The salt room can host a maximum of 6 people at a time.

Duration: 30-40 min. 



Neurosonic is a treatment that affects the body’s relaxation and recovery mechanisms in a very effective way. The waving vibration of the Neurosonic bed impacts your autonomic nervous system, which enchances the body’s transition from stress to recovery. During the Neurosonic treatment you can even experience a meditative state, which in turn has positive effects on the quality of your sleep. This is a very relaxing treatment that everyone should experience. The treatment is performed individually.

Duration: Under 30min / 30-45min 



If you wish, you can also choose your treatments from our full treatment menu in which case you can make reservations online straight through the spa booking calendar