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We believe that the best result is created through experience. In addition to stunning facilities, we offer you stylish hotel rooms, fine dining & wine experiences as well as wellness & programme services. Without of course forgetting professional and heartfelt service. Långvik’s staff will serve with great professional pride at your event too.

At Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel, thought patterns are inspired in the stylishly designed and open premises. Choose the suitable premises – you have access to up to 3000 square metres and 27 different conference rooms.

Dinner is a finishing touch to the day after the delicious conference servings. Our food philosophy is based on natural and locally produced food. We plan our menus according to the food year, and we always take the best flavours out of the ingredients available at the current time of the year. At Långvik, it is easy to combine good and clean food with both small and large events.

We offer side programmes with our skilful co-partners. Various team games are available – from active and challenging escape games to enjoying the nature e.g. in the form of SUP paddling. Check out the spa treatments too. Even a short break during a conference day does wonders.