We are committed to being a responsible and sustainable destination, including both environmental and social responsibility. We want to be at the forefront of ecological and inclusive local tourism, and thus enable all our guests to have a relaxing hotel experience with a good conscience, respecting nature.

An LGBTQ+ friendly and inclusive destination and employer

We are part of the LGBTQ+ friendly We Speak Gay community. We are committed to treating all employees, customers and partners with respect and equality regardless of gender, ethnicity, colour, age, nationality, religion, culture or sexual orientation.

We Speak Gay aims to build a more empathetic and inclusive Finland, the most LGBTQ+ friendly country in the world. We are actively working to train our staff and develop our facilities and services to be more inclusive: more LGBTQ+ friendly and accessible. We want to create a safe and tolerant environment – we warmly welcome everyone to Långvik!

Environmental work is cooperation.

We are committed to engaging our staff and guests in the ecological way of thinking. We can only reach our goals through cooperation, and we take responsibility by offering everyone greener alternatives.

Our customers can now compensate for their accommodation’s carbon emissions when booking a room or checking out (1,24€ per room). The emissions are calculated using the GHG protocol, which covers for example the heating and electricity. It is also possible to offset the carbon footprint of meals for 0,25€/meal. The emission calculation for a meal (0.002 tCO2e) is based on the WWF Nordic average emissions of a Nordic meal, rounded upwards. All calculations include a large margin, i.e. emissions are overcompensated.

The compensation is done in collaboration with a Finnish company Planet Loves Trees (Aritzon Oy).

“The offsetting is done by planting trees. We have developed our projects in co-operation with local organizations, schools and farmers, considering their needs as well. In addition to growing CO2 absorbing trees, our projects also improve the living conditions of the local people and help them adapt to the climate change in areas that suffer of the impacts most.”

We enable our guests to sort their waste at our recycling stations, and we give them a chance to reduce water consumption by lengthening the exchange intervals of towels and bathrobes. We are glad to hear our guests’ ideas to develop our environmental work. You can share your thoughts directly at the hotel or electronically.

With our Å Water concept, we have given up plastic water bottles and plastic cups. Our parking lot is equipped with 6pcs of Virta type2 chargers (22kW) for electric vehicles.

We are committed to reducing waste and sorting.

We pay special attention to waste handling and rightful sorting in the orientation of our employees. We make sorting as easy as possible through our choice of dishes and also encourage our guests to sort their waste. We are committed to reducing food and product wastage. You can partake in reducing wastage by taking only as much as you can eat on your plate at breakfast.

We develop the property in environmentally friendly ways.

We have given up using fuel oil in heating. We moved on to using an energy efficient heat pump system that reduces our CO2 emissions by about 50 percent. The core, designed and implemented by LeaseGreen, is formed by a combination of eight air-water heat pumps that take care of heating the property and also the production of warm water.

The annual power output of Långvik’s own solar power plant is about 90 MWh. The environmental impact is big, as the estimated annual output is equivalent to that of 5 electrically heated private houses.

We monitor the electricity and water consumption of the property and we keep looking for ways to reduce them. Thanks to the Fiksuvesi system we are using, even the smallest leakages come to our attention, so that we can react to them immediately.

Environmental responsibility is visible in our services.

We prefer domestic ingredients and local food, and our kitchen is well known for seasonally using local products. For example, our menu has dishes prepared from mushrooms of the nearby forests that might have been hand picked by our department head. We offer our guest activities in nature and forms of recreation with a low carbon footprint, such as biking, frisbee golf and SUP-boarding.

We make sure our staff is committed to mutual goals through good orientation and developing our courses of action. Environmental responsibility is always a criterion in our projects and purchase decisions. For example, in our hotel rooms and common areas, we are moving on to using the LUMI hygiene product series that is made in Finland. The packaging of this series is reusable and made of recycled plastic.

We require visible actions from our partners.

The partners of Långvik must fulfill our high set of criteria. For example, ELEMIS, the partner of our spa, is well known for being environmentally responsible, and the fish supplier of our kitchen for making responsible choices.

Our new t-shirts and aprons are supplied by Touchpoint Oy, a Finnish company that is a pioneer in ecological workwear. They design the products in Finland and manufacture more than half of them locally, using environmentally friendly materials. The T-shirts are made from 100% recycled fibre. 65% of the material used for the aprons is recycled fibre, they are made locally and cut in a manner that minimises waste.