Radio Helsinki‘s Radio Kylpy is a new 120-minute radio programme by documentary director Emilia Hernesniemi and music journalist Lotta Savolainen. The programme dives into the themes of friendship, creativity and renunciation with warmth, curiosity and brutal honesty, bathing in new ideas with authentic, inspiring guests. The music played during the programme is curated for each programme. The programme is sponsored by Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel.

Radio Kylpy can also be seen and heard on site, as Lotta Savolainen has selected a fantastic line-up of upcoming top names in Finnish music to perform at Långvik during the winter and spring. So come and enjoy live music on Friday and Saturday nights! Live performances are free of charge for our restaurant and hotel guests.

We also organise monthly Radio Kylpy music nights*, where the radio turns live. The music night features the artist of the month – curated by Lotta Savolainen – who will perform at Långvik on Friday and Saturday evenings. We will hear both live music and the musician’s thoughts in the form of interviews.

Check out the spring season programme and book your table and accommodation well in advance! Also check out the Långvik Living Room programme on Friday nights and the Långweekend programme on weekends.




Rising stars of Finnish indie music on Friday and Saturday nights at Långvik Bistro, on Fridays at 21:30, Saturdays at 22:00! (Exceptionally, on Easter Saturday 8.4. at 20:00.)

EMMY JUNE // 3.-10.2. & 17.-25.2.
SAARISALO // 11.2. & 2.6.-30.6.
KANERVA // 3.-11.3.
ALEK HILLS // 31.3.-29.4.
KATRI O // 5.-27.5.

MUSIC NIGHTS: Sat 4.2. | Fri 3.3. | Fri 14.4. | Fri 5.5.

*Radio Kylpy music nights combine rising stars of indie music, conversation and togetherness. Radio Kylpy journalists introduce the artist of the month to the audience in this warm-hearted evening, not forgetting live music. Where did artistry begin, what has come along the way? What is creativity and what might have had to be given up? Långvik’s guests are warmly invited to join us for this thought-provoking evening. The discussion will be recorded on Radio Helsinki’s social media channels.

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Långvik Congress Wellness Hotel reserves the right to make changes to the schedule and content.